I grew up in an artistic family. My father was an avid outdoorsman and woodworker. We spent hours together walking in the Pennsylvania woods behind our home, looking at wildlife from behind binoculars and learning about the plants that grew in the area. He truly instilled in me the love and respect I have for nature.

I moved to Idaho in the winter of 1979 and immediately fell in love with these mountains. In
high school, I drew but had not drawn in over 35 years. But it was a trip to Hawai’i years ago that inspired me to buy some graphite pencils and I started to draw. Next, I decided to try colored pencil, and now I enjoy working with pencil, colored pencil and soft pastels.

When not working as a landscaper, I spend my free time in the mountains and desert hiking, skiing or biking. I always have my camera with me so as to not miss an opportunity for a photo. My photos are the inspiration for my drawings. The beauty and precision in plants and birds offer the challenge and motivation for the more detailed type of drawing I do. Soft pastels allow me to create more abstract images and offer a softer look to the detail of the colored pencil and graphite pencil. I do most of my drawing early in the morning when it’s quiet. My mind is clear and it is a very enjoyable way to start my day.